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Anthony G. Dupree, CIO & CISO, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

The Global Technology RevolutionAnthony G. Dupree, CIO & CISO, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

A Big Challenge in Technology

The biggest challenges we’re seeing right now are the transition to the cloud and the push to use technology to reduce costs and increase availability of data.

"The smartphone revolution is opening up countless doors for applications that didn’t exist before – and the market is still evolving"

At Novitex, we’re focused on building out our cloud capabilities – something we’re not seeing other providers offer. There are quite a few organizations still using antiquated equipment and legacy technology because either they aren’t able or simply don’t have the impetus to educate their clients on the business case for cloud technology and how far we’ve come in mitigating the security risks in the cloud that used to be a significant barrier to adoption.

Integrating Data across the Enterprise

This requires a lot of collaboration from both internal teams and our clients. We find that it is critical to establish an open line of communication between our clients and our team to facilitate the process.

In terms of integrating data across the enterprise, our technology gives us that 360-degree view from a validation, process and containment perspective. We have specific processes in place that ensure that whatever data we process for our customers is secure, meaning there are controls that confirm the data is not coming into contact with any third-party information.

As we develop new solutions, we’re also always thinking about how we can meet our clients’ specific needs and work more closely with their IT teams to understand and integrate into their workflow. After we deploy a program, we constantly review the solution we’ve put in place to make sure all expectations are continually met or exceeded.

Of course, obstacles can occasionally arise. But as long as we’ve been proactive in communicating with the client and provide a transparent experience, we know our team will be able to address any issues immediately. It’s within the very nature of our business to constantly reevaluate and collaborate with our clients to evolve the process and deliver the best possible service.

Creating Competitive Edge

As I mentioned, the extent to which organizations have adopted the cloud is a huge differentiator in our industry right now. Our cloud capabilities are a significant advantage for Novitex compared to other solutions on the market, and we are continuously looking at how we can advance our offerings in this area to target specific industry pain points and develop tailored solutions. We serve ten vertical markets and each solution is unique to that industry – there is no cookie cutter prototype that can be applied to every situation.

Advancement in Technology and Availability of Latest Technology

Meeting our clients’ needs is always my main concern.

I always want to make certain that our customers can rely on us, and that we’re delivering the quality of work that they expect from us. Whether it’s printing, mail services, or return mail, we’re always an enabling partner and working side-by-side with the business.

I’m also continually thinking about making sure that our technology, our people, and our processes continue to innovate. Pushing forward to the next concept that can make a significant impact is what keeps us ahead of the curve and brings value both to our business and our customers’ businesses.

Technological Trends

The most important trends affecting the business environment today are mobile and the cloud

The smartphone revolution is opening up countless doors for applications that didn’t exist before – and the market is still evolving. Previously, you had to be on a laptop to do your work. Now we have full capability and full availability of the data anywhere, anyplace, anytime – it’s a device-agnostic world.

And the underlying factor that facilitates the mobile revolution is the cloud. Of course, this raises questions about how to secure data when it’s outside our immediate purview. The security and integrity of our systems and our customers’ data is paramount and drives consistent oversight and innovation on our end.

I have no doubt, though, that we’re going to continue to see more and more capabilities move onto mobile devices as we reduce our hardware footprint. Companies that had huge data centers yesterday now have little more than a cloud presence. Desktops and even laptops are being reduced to smartphones and tablets. It’s a shrinking tech world and we’re absolutely part of that.

Revolutionizing Technology

Technology is transforming every aspect of our business. For example, within the healthcare industry, compliance and information security have been ongo¬ing pain points. New solutions like our Healthcare Connect tool help organizations comply with regulations and meet deadlines by streamlining all information into one automated communications management solution.

The same can be said for the financial services industry. With the increase in regulatory considerations, we’re seeing a significant need for companies to tailor their technology systems to ensure compliance. It’s a key business driver for certain industries, and we’re on the front lines with them.

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