CIM-TECH: Augmenting CAD/CAM With Automation

Top 10 CAD CAM Solution Companies - 2019

Technology being the most influential aspect of business is changing the shape of the economy and everyday life. Its reach extends far into the manufacturing world, seeping into various segments including design, virtual analysis and manufacturing over the last decade.

Designers and manufacturers of all sizes are indulging in innovating and enabling CAD with new capabilities which can be leveraged for better designing of products, machines, and other entities. As enterprises increasingly embrace the era of digital transformation, the support of AR in CAD is expected to nothing but empower industries to effortlessly visualize designs.

Rapid advancements in cloud technology have become a great way for organizations worldwide to reduce the overall costs while providing highly flexible and scalable access to solutions. Also, with the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), design engineers find themselves increasingly working with more and better data, as well as accommodating a larger pool of colleagues. Additionally, the rise of 3D design is set to disrupt product modelling processes, which could bring a whole new product design and style to the industry.

In this edition, Enterprise Technology Review has compiled a list of 10 CAD CAM Solution Providers to guide enterprises and organizations in harnessing the power of technology to tackle the challenges associated with workload and efficiencies, while maintaining quality.

We hope this issue of the Enterprise Technology Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven designing processes.

We present to you, Enterprise Technology Reviews’ “Top 10 CAD CAM Solution Providers 2019.”

    Top CAD CAM Solution Companies

  • CIM-Tech, the inventor of nested-based manufacturing solutions, offers computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) software that provides a common interface for designing and manufacturing. The company focuses on high-speed machining for CNC routers that encircles woodworking, plastics, composite materials, and nonferrous metals like aluminum. Applying automation to solid modeling, the company took its automation capabilities a notch higher and obliterated the involvement of humans. CIM-TECH’s core product, Router-CIM, is built on AutoCAD, which reduces the clients’ learning curve. The Router-CIM Automation Suite supports various third-party software to control other equipment and delivers a familiar Windows-style interface

  • Founded in 1998, is a CDA integrated 3D scanning and inspection software. The company is a master at developing user-friendly reverse engineering software add-ins or plug-ins direct in mechanical CAD software. Their features include hard probing nd 3D scanning supported for 3D point cloud capture and mesh generation. The company's 3D CAD integrated add-ins provide an array of powerful tools for 3-2-1 alignments, splnes, lines circles, planes, probe compensation measuring, culplane profiles, and many more. is capable of plugging into the existing measuring hardware or acting as a full-service reverse engineering partner

  • Headquartered in Newtown, PA, SolidCAM provides integrated CAM software, featuring the revolutionary iMachining technology that dramatically reduces CNC machining time. SolidCAM's CAM software, is seamlessly integrated into SolidWorks and with full toolpath associativity to the SolidWorks model. SolidCAM helps CAM software CNC applications, inclusive of Mill, 3D Mill/HSM, Indexial and Sim. 4/5 axes Turning, Milling, Advanced Mill-Turn for Multi-Turret and Multi-Spindle CNC machines, Solid Probe and WireEDM. SolidCAM's latest revolutionary iMachining technology saves 70% and more in CNC machining time and expands life dramatically. iMachining offers unbelievable savings and increased efficiency in your milling CNC operations, translating into profits and success

  • ZWSOFT is a renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With a reputation as a committed and reliable provider of CAD/CAM software to the AEC and MCAD industries, ZWSOFT has created design software products that have continuously satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D drafters for over a decade. ZWSOFT has been dedicated to investing in the research and development of ZWCAD and ZW3D. ZWCAD is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution developed by ZWCAD Software Co. Its annual R&D investment is more than 20 percent of the corporation's revenue, and it will keep increasing to meet the development strategy of ZWSOFT

  • Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK]

    Autodesk [NASDAQ:ADSK]

    An American multinational software corporation, Autodesk provides a wide range of software products for designers, engineers, and architects. The firm has developed a diverse portfolio of CAD software programs that help users explore design ideas, visualize concepts, and simulate how designs will perform in the real world. Some of the key CAD products offered by Autodesk include: AutoCAD 360, Inventor, Fusion 360, and Tinkercad. Autodesk’s software runs on both personal computers and mobile devices and taps the infinite computing power of the cloud to help teams around the world collaborate, design, simulate and fabricate their ideas in 3D

  • Evo Prototyping

    Evo Prototyping

    A full service engineering firm Evo Prototyping offers product development services specializing in consumer goods. From napkin sketch to the final product to manufacturing, the company turns its company's ideas into a real product. They view themselves as partners with their customers, their employees, and their community. The organization aim to become an asset to their clients by capitalizing on their years of experience and knowledge in the product development sector of the consumer goods industry. Evo Prototyping's objective is to lead their clients to success and teach individuals how to go about developing a product in a clear, concise and cost-effective manner

  • Hexagon


    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers to develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, their expertise in sensing, thinking and acting, the collection, analysis and active use of measurement data give their customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality. Through a network of local service centres, production facilities and commercial operations across five continents, they are shaping smart change in manufacturing to build a world where quality drives productivity

  • Kubotek3D


    Headquartered in Marlborough, MA and founded in 2003, Kubotek3D develops mechanical CAD software and core precision 3D technologies that cater to ability between CAD programs. This strategy helps geometry, no matter where it originated, to be utilized throughout the manufacturing supply chain to speed time to reduce costs, market, and improve quality. Kubotek3D is a division of Kubotek USA, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation. The company specialises in Complementary CAD Software, 3D CAD Software, 3D Direct Modeling, Direct CAD, Multi-CAD Viewing, CAD Translation Validation

  • Laguna Tools

    Laguna Tools

    Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, California, has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for 34 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements. At Laguna Tools, they aim to be globally local as they are involved in many community outreach programs in which they offer their time, support, products and services. The main focus of Laguna Tools is to provide solutions for their customers’ needs. The company philosophy is to hire employees with great attitudes, first and foremost. Laguna Tools is a corporation with the same values of quality, accuracy and safe products and that also focuses on their customers and their needs



    PTC has been enabling customers to stay ahead of the competition. As a digital transformation technology leader, the company's vision, logo, and portfolio of technologies are all aligned on the same concept. Their concept consists of opportunities for industrial innovation live at the convergence of the physical and digital. This convergence impacts the products, processes, and people across industrial companies. With PTC and its partner ecosystem, manufacturers can capitalize on the promise of today's new technology to drive digital transformation. The company is driving industrial digital change and innovation by turning possibility into reality